Amazing reunion: this woman lost her dog 7 years ago and luckily the dog was found years later

The mistress of Sgt. Pepper had not heard from her dog for 7 long years.

A dog that went missing in 2014 has finally been found after 7 years and more than 1,600 kilometers from home thanks to its ID chip. The family greeted him, thinking they were doing the right thing, unaware that their hosts were looking for him.

The sergeant’s mistress. Pepper didn’t hear anything about this dog for 7 long years.

Sergeant Pepper, a Yorkshire Terrier mix, was 6 years old when she disappeared from the family home in 2014. The owner searched for him for a long time, but the dog was desperately nowhere to be found.

Suspecting the theft, she informed the police and a pet identification company. Its owner also considered updating the information and contact details attached to said chip in February 2020.

What he didn’t know was that two years after he disappeared, another family in Michigan had adopted the sergeant. Pepper didn’t know he already had it and was looking for it.

Fast forward to June 28th and the four-legged friend has arrived at Eaton County Animal Control in Charlotte, Michigan.

Then the employees of this receiving structure passed it through a microchip reader and thus found out the identity of its owner.

People who cared for him for 5 years immediately realized that sg. Pepper needed to be returned to his rightful family.

Two days later, the dog’s owner flew in from Florida for a happy and exciting reunion at the Charlotte Orphanage.

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