Amazing closeness: this Shetland and Newfoundland liked each other from the first seconds of meeting

The owners are delighted to be the privileged witnesses of wonderful relationship.

Their friendship is as unlikely as it is touching. Sutton is a young pony, Dom is a Newfoundland, and they adore each other so much that they cannot live without each other.

Their owners are happy to be privileged witnesses to their wonderful relationship.

Emma Bone, 33, and her husband Mark, 40, are the proud owners of 8 magnificent Newfoundlands, which they breed on their property in Hexham, Northumberland, in the north of England.

The family also has a special member. A four-month-old Shetland pony named Sutton.

According to Metro, the young rider arrived home on September 19, 2021.

2 animals, although they belonged to different species, but became inseparable from the moment they saw each other.

Since then, Dom and Sutton have spent time exchanging affectionate expressions, dining together and sleeping side by side. Not to mention the walks and games they enjoy all day long.

The Shetland pony and the Newfoundland have only recently met, but are already best friends in the world. Everything suggests that their ties will only grow stronger over time.

Their owner is convinced. “We can’t wait to see how their relationship grows and develops,” she says about this as if nothing had happened.

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