Amazing closeness: this dog befriended the neighbor’s cat and they spent every day together

Here is a story of cat who accompanies the dog every day during morning walk.

“He really loved the attention and they’ve been inseparable ever since. He is in our garden every day,” Sarah said of Benji’s friendship with a cute black cat who accompanies them every day on their morning walks.

Whenever someone wants to refer to two sworn enemies, he talks about cats and dogs. There is something going on between the two. This makes them hostile from the moment they arrive on Earth.

Some breeds of dogs have in their genetic code the ability to chase felines and the like, while the vast majority of cats will not approach dogs unless absolutely necessary.

But there are always exceptions to the rule. However, Benji and his friend Black Cat took the “exception” one step further.

This is because two animals in the UK are much more than tolerant and friendly towards each other. Benji and the cat are best friends, to the point where they prefer to spend most of their time together and even get upset when they don’t.

Fortunately, the activity in which they met will always be relevant to them.

It was Benjy’s morning walk, taken by Sarah, his mistress. It was in one of them that she noticed that they had a friend with jet black fur.

After that random morning, the cat started visiting Benji every day.

Realizing how much Benji appreciated these visits, Sarah began leaving boxes and cat food in the yard. Thus, he managed to create the perfect place for the meeting of two pets.

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