Amazing care: this woman gave her disabled dog a 2 wheel cart to help him

 Amazing care: this woman gave her disabled dog a 2 wheel cart to help him

His owner gave the dog the most beautiful gift, to allow him to travel.

The stroke from which Scrappy suffers has not prevented him from living a full life. His master gave him the most wonderful gift: he allowed him to travel.

Scrappy’s life changed in 2016. Jack Russell Terrier, who at that time was 6 years old, was the victim of an accident. While playing in the park with the family’s other dogs, Toffee and Rocky the labradoodle, one of his paws suddenly and unnaturally bent.

Amy Smith and her partner John took him straight to the vet. The latter concluded that the animal was a victim of dispersion. But when we returned home, there was no improvement.

Another appointment was made at the clinic. This time, the diagnosis was much bleaker.

As a result of analyzes and X-ray examination, a rupture of the vertebral disc was found. Medical professionals have no doubt that Jack Russells never have sensation in their hind legs. Due to urinary incontinence, his adoptive parents must now help him relieve himself.

After the operation, the little dog received several sessions of hydrotherapy and physiotherapy per day for 6 weeks. But no changes were seen.

2 months after the tragic accident, Amy Smith discovered the existence of a specialized company that makes wheelchairs for disabled dogs. Was it a new hope for the family?

Scrappy’s mother did it out of love for him. She bought a miniature car and installed it on her furry friend. The latter quickly adapted to the car.

Thanks to this gift, Scrappy is finally able to move again.

Even though he went through terrible trials in his life, the dog never lost his good humor and little playful side. He walks, runs and has fun. The devotion of family members made him overcome difficulties and feel happy.