«Age changed him»: almost 67-year-old Bruce Willis noticed and took a picture on during the walk

The actor looked a little bewildered and tired.

Bruce Willis, suffering from Afazia, was photographed during a walk: this is how he looks now.

67-year-old Hollywood actor Bruce Willis was caught for a walk with a friend in Santa Monica.

The life of the cinema star Bruce Willis changed dramatically after he was diagnosed with aphasia – a condition caused by a defect in the speech center of the cerebral cortex.

Patients with this disease have problems with speech and writing. The disease made the actor abandon the film career.

As you know, on the set of the last film «Glass», the actor did not even smile, and he was always accompanied by an assistant who directed Willis during a walk.

However, recently, 67-year-old Willis fell under the shelling of paparazzi cameras when he walked around Los Angeles.

The Hollywood actor was dressed in a white shirt and trousers, he had dinner with a friend in a restaurant in Santa Monica.

Resting on the beach, Bruce looked slim and fit, and fans noted that he looked much better than before.

However, on the eve of Willis, they also saw in one of the areas of Los Angeles.

The actor looked a little bewildered and tired.

Recall that the 44-year-old wife of Bruce Willis-Emma Hemming recently told fans how she copes with her husband’s illness: the actress finds comfort in her new hobby.

The actor’s wife published a photograph of her hobby on her Instagram page.

Hemming loves to play sports, engage in gardening and spend time with his family.

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