After several attempts to save the cat left on the tree, the owners called the fire department

For 3 days, the owners of the cat had tried in vain to bring him down from the tree.

The cat was malnourished, hungry and in danger of dehydration before firefighters intervened.

The next time Vasa sees an animal in a tree, he will definitely remember his misfortune and will not dare to climb there to pursue it. This cat actually spent 3 days 30 feet above the ground trying to catch a squirrel or a pigeon, according to his owners, who did everything they could to save him.

A family in Market Drayton, in the west of England, ran into trouble after trying their best to run over their feline friend.

He ended up calling the fire department. On Saturday, October 16, 2021, shortly before 17:30, they arrived at the scene and realized the complexity of the task before them.

The firefighters decided to approach from a nearby field to facilitate access to the tree in question. They deployed their telescoping ladder and then proceeded to cut branches with a cordless saw to create a passage to the top.

One of the firefighters climbed the stairs and was finally able to reach the cat, which he managed to grab before slowly descending, holding it carefully.

Safely descending, Vasa was first handed over to an RSPCA agent for inspection. The animal was alive and well. It was then returned to the released owners.

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