After losing his mother, an orphaned little horse finds solace in wonderful, caring dogs

Now the horse is with his not so likely friends and today his life is quite different.

Life is pretty hard, and this horse had a hard time too when his mother abandoned him after birth. So after that, the whole fortune did not leave him – Peabody is the smallest horse in the world. Now Peabody is with his not-so-probable friends, and today his life is very different.

One of the reasons for his mother’s refusal was that he was rather short and there was no hope that he could make it. To help a little horse, a kind trainer living in San Diego. Now the horse lives next to his friends: 3 dogs.

Faith Smith, the woman who takes care of Peabody, told SWNS that he was the shortest horse in the world at his age.

Then she added that horses are never family animals, and he will never be able to live on the street until he grows up, and it is not yet clear whether he will become bigger. She also said that he now lives in a house with dogs. Being handicapped from birth, 90% blind and deaf, no one hoped that he would get better, not even his previous owner.

Therefore, when the woman heard this sad story, she decided to take care of this animal. She did everything for this poor animal, called the veterinarian to examine him. With Faith Smith’s help, poor Peabody started walking and playing with his friends, even though he’s almost tied up. His three dog friends love HIV so much that they see no difference in their friendship.

Even though he is a mini horse, he has many health problems and lives happily ever after. The woman said that at first he survived between death and life. And he added that he was simply too scared for love. She promised to keep him forever.

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