After a $95 makeover, an outdated kitchen is completely changed

What a wonderful kitchen…

As we age, we begin to understand that things are not inexpensive, particularly in the home. And among those, remodelling a kitchen might simply cost quite a bit. To update your cuisine without having to sell a kidney on the underground market, though, sometimes a little imagination may go a long way.

It turns out that a new coat of paint is the key to a rather affordable kitchen remodel.

Snazzy Little Things is a DIY and interior design site run by Jeanette Lockmiller-Stretch. Lockmiller-Stretch just transformed her outdated kitchenette into a totally contemporary area. The transformation’s favorite aspect was that it only cost $95!

We bought this house a year ago, Lockmiller-Stretch said to TODAY Residence. My hubby and I decided that the home needs some aesthetic updates to bring it into the contemporary day when we made our bid. Applying a new layer of paint to each and every wall in every room was the first item on the agenda.

When she made the decision to hunt for a match, her real wood cupboards didn’t go well with the colour theme she had chosen for her new home. She continued, ”And when I saw that grey cabinets were in, I went for it. Ultimately, ”it’s only paint,”

Lockmiller-Stretch had painted her cupboards in her last home, so she felt completely at ease doing it again. She noted, ”According to our agent, it not only modernised our area but also raised the valuation of our house.”

Don’t neglect the preparation; it’s one of the lessons Lockmiller-Stretch learnt the hard way from the two encounters.

”I advise beginning with a deep clean and finishing with a little 220-grit sanding. Add a stain-blocking varnish after you’ve cleaned,” she said.

She used two coats of the grey, water-based lacquer after the priming had totally dry.

”I adore lacquer because you can skip the topcoat since it dries so tough. I like to sometimes dip an angled craft paintbrush in water,” Lockmiller-Stretch remarked. ”Using water to immerse your paintbrush maintains a moist edge and removes any brushstrokes.”

The cupboards have held up nicely since the job was finished in December of last year. ”Not an one scratch has occurred.”

”Our first level has been entirely changed by the new design. And now that we understand that, yes, painting your kitchen cabinets will increase the value of your house. For kitchens with ”creaky floors” and don’t need a significant redesign, it’s a lovely yet affordable alternative, Lockmiller-Stretch continued.

Visit Snazzy Little Things for additional images and advice.

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