«Actress surprised everyone with her act»: Nicole Kidman’s behavior seemed completely strange

She behaved in a completely strange way at the Oscars.

The appearance of Nicole Kidman last night at the Oscar Award ceremony caused an ambiguous reaction from its fans.

On the one hand, Nicole looked amazing. But on the other hand, she behaved completely strangely, which made her fans puzzled over what this could be caused.

When Nicole first appeared in Shrine Auditorium, where the ceremony was held, everyone who saw her was delighted.

Kidman seemed impeccable from head to toe. Her black asymmetric dress from Armani Privé, embroidered with rhinestones and decorated with large overhead roses on her shoulder and waist, as fans decided, is very to her face.

Not to mention the fact that 55-year-old Nicole repeatedly hugged her husband, Keith Urban, whom she brought with her to the ceremony, and passionately kissed him on the lips.

Moreover, the kisses were so frequent and passionate that both Urban himself and the assistants who accompanied the actress looked somewhat confused and embarrassed.

But Kidman did not allow herself this before. Therefore, the fans of the actress were so puzzled. Some of them even suspected that the actress took some easy «doping» before the ceremony or drank too much champagne.

And some fans have already condemned Nicole for this, noting that she should not behave like that, because she has two little daughters to whom she cannot give the best example.

Recall, Kidman, along with Urban, raises two daughters. She became his legal wife in 2006. The eldest Sandy Rose is already 14 years old, and the younger faith Margaret-12.

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