A wonderful story: this dog watches over all the students every day and protects them from crossing the street

This dog assists all of the nearby schoolchildren in crossing the street.

The dog Kupata takes his self-appointed position very seriously. A stray dog ​​named Kupata works hard in Batumi, Georgia.

Even though it is a self-appointed position, it is nonetheless of great importance.

He helps all the nearby schoolchildren to cross the street as he is the security guard of the school checkpoint.

Kupata loves children very much. Because of this, he wants to make sure the kids get to school safely.

When Kupata was a puppy, he unexpectedly appeared in the city.

Despite the fact that Kupata was a vagabond, the community always fed him and took care of him.

He settled on the steps of several nearby apartments. One day he just started jumping out of cars to stop them so the kids could cross the street.

Kupata will bark angrily at approaching cars. He comes back and crosses the street with the kids when they stop.

Playing with children in the park near his house, Kupata began to feel protected from them.

Kupata dedicates her life to keeping children safe in the park.

As a result, he often barks at the drunk people who are there.

“Nona, the woman who takes care of him, along with a young girl and Beka, who also takes care of him”, are his three closest friends. Growing up among children, Kupata loves to play with them.

According to Kupata on Instagram, he often plays with children in the park near his residence.

Or have sausages. He loves sausages. So much so that it was named after the sausage.

That’s what Receiving is.

When Kupata is not looking after the local children, you will find him sleeping.

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