A wonderful story: this cute dog explains in every way to the store owners that he was stolen

This clever dog exactly rescued himself from the hands of dognappers.

This dog prevented his own kidnapping by warning shopkeepers of the bad intentions of the people he was with. Unless you’re Dr. Dolittle, you can’t talk to animals, but they definitely can.

A five-month-old Australian Shepherd named Vango did just that and escaped the jackals. The smart dog roamed the store with his pets, and the 4-meter pet cleverly warned the store owners that something was wrong.

It all happened at a pet store in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. Vango constantly barked and demanded the attention of the store owner.

Yves Jodoin works as a salesman as well as a dog trainer at Au Royaume des Animaux. He definitely knows a thing or two about dog behavior and was able to quickly realize that the whole situation was very unsettling.

At first, Eva simply thought that the four-legged boy was hungry and was barking because he was hoping for a treat. When Vango continued to bark even after receiving the cookie, Eva became more and more suspicious.

When the couple who entered the store with Vance couldn’t even answer basic questions about the dog, one of the employees began packing.

Suspicions began to arise, and as Eve asked more and more simple questions about the dog, it only got worse.

The couple didn’t even know how old he was, whether they sterilized him or not, what kind of food he usually liked, where he came from, or how much they paid for him.

“They avoided questions,” the man recalls.

Luckily, another member of the crew, Lydia Blouin, also noticed something was wrong. Lydia checked local social media pages to see if there was anything on missing pets.

They soon found a photo of Vango on the Internet, as he had been reported missing. Apparently, the dog was last seen at Buckingham’s house just a few hours before arriving at the store.

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