A wonderful story: this caring girl and her beloved dog saved a goat and her cub during heavy snow

They heroically saved a goat and her cub from death from the unbearable cold.

The main characters of this story are Hamdü Sena Bilgin and his dog named Tommy. They heroically saved the goat and her kid from death from the unbearable cold.

A Turkish girl named Rize owned a farm with her family and raised goats for milk.

Hamdü and her dog are good friends and spend the whole day together. Inseparable, they care for goats and protect and guide other domestic animals.

One day, she noticed a goat giving birth on a mountainside and, realizing that she would not survive, took her to the farm.

She tied the goat to her back and put the baby in a dog backpack.

Ella said that after the goat gave birth, she returned the rest of the herd to the farm.

Then he returned with backpacks. And together they took the mother and baby to the farm.

Her story spread and everyone praised her for her bravery and love for animals.

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