A wonderful story: mom-duck annually takes her ducklings in the same nursing home

The visit of ducks has become a special tradition for the inhabitants of this house.

The nursing home in the northern part of the state of New York is accustomed to charming little creatures that visit it every year. The duck-mother will bring here its kids to say hello to your old friends!

Every year, when the duck-mother arrives, it passes along the main corridor of the Center for Daily Care to them. M. M. Ying. Even more special is that all current residents leave their rooms to cheer up for little boys while they follow the building!

The ducklings did not seem to understand what was happening, but were clearly proud of a greeting!

They even installed old signs to carefully direct the duck-mother and its babies if they go astray.

The ducks are striking around the building with the residents. The entire population of the building is involved in the journey of ducks. To finish their journey, they went to the light through the open door at the end of the corridor.

They enthusiastically went to this parade to make sure that not a single duckling was left behind!

As we learn more about animals, it seems that many of them have high intelligence, behavior and emotions that drive us crazy. This mother-ear knows that she will be safe there, so she continues to return!

Someone joked that this charming story is like a new series of “duck adventures” every year!

This is so cute, bless her and her ducklings that the inhabitants should visit her and her babies.

Mom-utter obviously feels that the nursing home is a safe place, and I am sure that residents like this annual parade.

Do you look forward to the annual trip of this charming duck family? Who would not love them?

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