A wonderful story: finding this special dog in the family completely changes the life of a girl with diabetes

 A wonderful story: finding this special dog in the family completely changes the life of a girl with diabetes

The presence of the dog will reassure her and allow her to be more independent.

Earlier this week, the association surprised a teenage girl with diabetes by providing her with a specially trained dog to help her cope with her illness. The presence of an animal next to him will calm her and allow her to be more independent.

Until this Monday, August 2, and this meeting with a young Goldendoodle named Penny, Grace Pillow had no idea that her life would change dramatically due to her illness. This Tuesday Q13 story is on FOX.

15-year-old Grace Pillow lives in Seattle in the northwestern United States. When she was 10 years old, she found out that she had type 1 diabetes. This form of the disease is characterized by insufficient production or absence of insulin.

As a result, if her blood sugar levels drop, the teenager may pass out, which is his biggest fear. She says she actually goes to bed every night, afraid of not waking up the next morning. Now she no longer has to live in this horror thanks to Penny. It was she who chose this name for her new four-legged friend.

Much to Grace Pillow’s surprise, the 10-month-old bitch completed basic training from 4E Healing Hearts in Las Vegas. Now Penny must become familiar with the olfactory signals emitted by the girl’s body in order to recognize dangerous spikes and drops in her blood sugar.

When this happens, Goldendoodle will alert her young mistress, wake her up if she is asleep, and may even ask for help, she learned.

This final stage of training will be completed in December, when Penny will be considered 100% ready to go.

Penny can detect changes in blood sugar 20-60 minutes earlier than the current device Grace uses.

This will be a huge change for Grace Pillow, who will be healthy and able to function long before potential crises during treatment.

Jeanette Forrey, founder of 4E Healing Hearts, says that with her powerful skills and training, Penny will be able to detect dangerous changes in blood sugar long before a teenager puts on the device. The difference varies from 20 minutes to an hour.

Jeanette Forrey also expresses her admiration for Grace Pillow.

As for the mother of the young girl, she does not hide her excitement, thinking that her daughter will finally be able to lead a normal life, learn and overcome her fears.