A wonderful sight: this special dog had found a very good way to calm a small child

Here is a fantastic example of what people may call the ideal combo.

Since it is in their nature to always be kind and gentle, dogs are very compassionate, especially when children are around. But it will melt your heart when you see this adorable bullmastiff looking at his little newborn sibling.

As a result, if his human brother is upset, a loving dog will bring him his favorite toy to cheer him up. Moreover, guess what? This works most of the time.

Another fantastic example of what we can call the perfect combination is Brutus and Kayden.

Despite the fact that the newborn boy is only three months old, an inextricable bond has already formed between them. However, this beautiful connection began long before Kayden was born.

Brutus, now two, has been bringing smiles to his parents’ faces ever since he was a puppy when Bonnie and her husband adopted him.

Although they used to call him “their baby”, everything was to change when Bonnie got pregnant. But judging by Brutus’ behavior, they thought he would be a great brother.

Bonnie said. “He always adored children”. “He gets excited every time he hears the laughter of young people outside”.

As a result, one can understand the joy of Brutus when he first meets his brother.

Bonnie was worried at first, but quickly realized that the two of them would be best friends. For Brutus, it was love at first sight, and since then he has never left his friend.

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