A wonderful scene: this special little cat tries to calm the nurse down after a long shift

This boy wasn’t expecting a homeless cat to approach him and calm him.

Ahmed Flaty is a nursing student at an Egyptian hospital. Coping with the COVID-19 emergency and long 12-hour workdays has been challenging.

As he prepared to resume his shift, Ahmed enjoyed the sun outside the hospital. He didn’t expect a stray cat to approach him. The cat seemed to feel its need at once.

The young nurse informed Dodo.

“I was chatting with my friend while sitting outside the hospital where we were doing our year of internship when this adorable kitten approached me”. According to Ahmed, the behavior of the kitten was unusual for Egypt.

He adds:

“In Egypt, homeless animals are usually treated horribly. So it’s pretty weird for a dog or cat to approach a human in this way, especially if it’s not food related”.

The nurse did not move while the kitten was in her arms, and after about twenty minutes of hugging, the cat decided her job was done and left.

Ahmed quickly started working at the hospital after he decided that it was quite pleasant to be around an animal. Even though he worked 12-hour shifts for 20 consecutive days, interacting with the cat was quite exhilarating.

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