A wonderful scene: this kind and caring boy spends all his free time helping animals at the shelter

A young American has decided to devote his free time to animals at a shelter.

At 11 years old, Evan Bisnauth is already considered a hero by his mom and one of New York’s Animal Care Centers (ACC).

Two years ago, when his mother rescued a puppy tied to a fence and took him to a shelter, she discovered a program that might interest her son. “Volunteers can read stories to dogs”, Evan told Daily Paws.

This activity allows, in particular, to reduce their anxiety and develop socialization.

On the first day, the young volunteer spent 5 hours reading a book to every dog ​​in the association. “At the end of the story, I tell them don’t give up”, he said.

The epidemic and prohibitions did not extinguish the flame burning in his heart. Since she couldn’t get to the shelter, he found another way to help the animals. During this time, he devoted himself to dogs in need of emergency shelter.

To this end, he created an Instagram account (@EB and the Pets), where he posts “interviews” with dogs and their biographies. In 2021, Evan also started fundraising. $1,000 (about €885) was donated to the ACC.

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