A wonderful scene: a small cute koala accepts an adorable puppy as its own mother

A cute baby koala confuses the wonderful dog for its mother.

Many acts of generosity and unusual friendships have been seen between animals of different species. Nothing beats a dog’s heart when it comes to caring for those in need. Man’s best friend, it seems, can also be called everyone’s best friend. Tony, the sweet dog, is no exception.

The touching moment when a confused baby koala mistakes Tony for his mother was caught on camera by the baby’s owner in a sweet video. Of course, the cute dog can’t say no, so he acts like he’s the baby’s mother.

This sweet moment caught everyone’s attention. “Tony, my dog, is quite sweet and outgoing. I’m sure he won’t hurt the koala and the baby will jump off his back,” Henry said in the description of the video.

It is unclear what the little koala was doing on its own. They are classified as antisocial creatures, but there is a special and close bond between babies and their mothers. “I believe his mother was sleeping in a tree and the child mistook Tony for his mother,” Tony explained.

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