A wonderful and unique sight: a kind and caring chimpanzee feeds a lion cub from a bottle

The foster mother was captured on camera bottle-feeding a young lion baby.

Wildlife has repeatedly reminded us of the true meaning of kindness. In times of adversity, animals make unusual friendships and care for each other in ways we can’t describe or understand. Maternal instincts of animals, regardless of species, instantly work when they come across a soul in need of help.

When it comes to feeling good, this compassionate chimpanzee is the epitome. The foster mother was caught on camera feeding her lion cub in an incredibly adorable video.

Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda posted the touching scene on Twitter for the first time, and now it’s gone viral.

While the place, time, and circumstances of the video are unclear, it’s hard not to notice just how empathetic this chimpanzee can be. The script is pure warmth, and the short clip ends with a loving kiss from a foster mother on the forehead of a lion cub.

No wonder so many hearts warmed to see this wonderful moment. And their reactions speak for themselves. One commenter wrote: “We humans don’t deserve to live”. “Maternal love knows no boundaries, colors and types. All he wants is to cherish, soothe and help to recognize his child among all children”, said another.

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