A woman made a small library out of a 110-year-old dry tree!

An amazing small library…

When the 110-year-old cotton tree needed to be removed, Sharalie Armitage Howard, a librarian and highly creative individual who even did bookbinding, transformed it into an amazing little library that anyone can visit. Now, instead of a shadow, the tree will share books.

Stone steps, a gable roof, a large green door and warm interior and exterior lighting give the structure a fabulous, mysterious look. Of course, a person will not be able to enter such a library, it is too small, but the institution is very popular among residents of the town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

The exquisite decor is complemented by miniature wooden books that adorn the entrance to the library, which operates on a “take and share” basis. Someone just brings books, and someone comes to take any publication for reading.

Now Scharali is accepted into Little Free Library (a non-profit organization whose goal is to attract the love of reading, create a community and stimulate creativity by encouraging the exchange of books around the world), and her creation will appear on the map of mini-libraries, because there are now an incredible number of them: more than 75 thousand mini-libraries in 88 countries of the world.

Sharaly A. Howard plans to decorate the library with perennials, paint and, in general, finish the decoration.

Source: Lemurov

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