A very touching sight: this loyal kind dog is waiting nonstop for his master sitting by the hospital bed

This photo depicts a dog sitting by his owner’s empty hospital bed.

Dogs are undoubtedly the most loyal creatures on the planet. A recent photo shared on social media once again showed this eternal love and devotion.

The photo, which has been called ”the scariest image ever taken,” shows a dog sitting next to its owner’s empty hospital bed.

Moose, a 3 year old Lab Mix, will have to wait in vain because his beloved companion will never return. But for a loyal dog, coming to terms with the death of his master is simply too much.

As a result, he waits there, hoping that a miracle will happen.

NorthStar Pet Rescue in Boonton, New Jersey posted an emotional photo on their Facebook page in hopes of finding Moose a new home. The photo has since gone viral.

“We posted his story and photos in hopes of finding him a foster family in his area”,- said NorthStar told Fox News. His story has gone global thanks to the power of social media.

“We understand that he has many people who want to adopt him as his story has been widely publicized and I am sure he will be in a new home soon,” they said.

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