A very beautiful sight: this little girl was singing to the dog trying to put the animal to sleep

This girl and her dog began to spend their time together as sisters.

There must be some kind of magical connection between toddlers and puppies, because they always give absolutely wonderful moments.

No matter how this precious young lady sings to her poor little pet, it will climb into your heart and stay there forever, because you have not seen anything better.

Marley, 4, has been beaten along with her adorable boxer dog since she was adopted by her family. As a result, she and Fiona began to spend time together as sisters.

Marley couldn’t do anything without her furry best friend Fiona by her side, and she couldn’t do anything without her. The little girl wanted to show us all that there is only one way to treat a puppy – gently.

Marley and Fiona have a special ritual for every moment of the day.

Marley sings adorable lullabies to her dog, just like her mother used to, to help her fall asleep. The mother, Paige Jolly Bumgarner, one day decided to record the incident on tape. The girl-puppy pair is now melting hearts everywhere with their excess of beauty.

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