A unique shot: this rare bear was captured in the Canadian wilderness

A white Kermode bear was sighted by a 24-year-old wildlife photographer.

During a trip through the Canadian countryside, the photographer encountered an extremely unusual case.

The Kermode polar bear was spotted by 24-year-old wildlife photographer Alexander Lee while exploring Griebel Island in Canada.

The spirit polar bear, commonly known as the Kermode bear, is one of the world’s 400 Kermode bears, all of which live in British Columbia.

These majestic bears are a subspecies of the American black bear, but they have white coats due to melanism, which is produced by a rare gene.

The photographer, based in Germany, discovered the remarkable views while fishing on a river deep in the forest. Alexander was glad to know how lucky he was to witness such a rare meeting.

“Suddenly, a white beast appeared and headed straight for me. I realized it was Kermode Bear”.

Although it was a great experience, Alexander did not choose this place by chance, as the Griebel Islands are home to the most polar spirit bears.

Every tenth bear, according to local residents, carries a recessive gene that gives them a characteristic white and cream color.

Alexander the Bear was nicknamed Boss by the locals when he filmed it on camera. And you can clearly see how he earned a reputation as a strong and powerful man.

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