A unique scene: this dog was feeling very bad after breaking the bed and walking guiltily

This story showed that the dog is well aware that he’s done something very wrong.

Golden Retrievers are a breed known for their intelligence, loyalty, and patience. But sometimes a dog can do something unimaginable for his breed.

This is exactly what happens to Dempsey, a golden retriever, when his father leaves home for a short time. Dempsey is an adorable golden retriever who seems to have too much fun when dad isn’t watching. Along with their loyalty and friendliness, they are also known for their intelligence.

This means that Dempsey is well aware that he did something very wrong, and he is definitely ashamed of it.

And the cat… not so much.

After asking a very shy Dempsey what he did, the operator jumps up to a cat that has just walked past him.

He asks the same question to the cat. ”What did you do?” However, the difference between a cat and a dog is expected and commonplace.

Anyone who has ever had both a cat and a dog can probably guess the difference in their reactions.

Turning around later, he discovers the feline crime.

A little toy mouse that seems to have received too much love.

And the funny thing is that the cat is not remorseful at all.

I mean, it makes him come out of the kitchen. He is so ashamed that he does not dare to raise his head to meet his master’s gaze.

He keeps them locked on the ground in front of him, making the most gentle steps you’ve ever seen.

Several comments indicate that viewers found the difference between dogs and cats in this video amusing.

“His infamous antics are so funny and sweet that he really goes out of his way to know what people expect from him. Cat – “I’m out of this stupid game”.

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