A unique appearance: this cute dog has caught the attention of the entire Internet thanks to his nose

Because of his extraordinarily cute appearance, the puppy is winning hearts.

Each puppy is special and unique in its own way. While some of our four-legged companions have to protect us and help us in various tasks, others have to become Internet celebrities.

For example, Wiley, a beautiful Dalmatian.

Thanks to his unusually beautiful appearance, a one and a half year old puppy wins hearts all over the world. Wylie was born with a unique heart-shaped nose mark and the internet can’t get enough of him.

Needless to say, his human mother is completely in love with him.

According to his mother, Lexi Smith, Wiley is 54 pounds of fun, clumsy, mischievous, hungry, cute, curious, chaotic, crazy, goofy, happy love.

Even the way they met is unique and remarkable. Lexi says: “It belonged to 11 people and eight of them were boys, so it was hard for me to choose it”.

“The heart was there, but it wasn’t developed enough that I thought it would stay because Dalmatian spots change as much as they grow”.

Wiley and Lexie, who live in Southern California, have become inseparable and enjoy spending time together.

“He loves to go hiking or visit one of the many big dog parks in the city”, the 26-year-old Bored Panda said.

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