A truly unique scene: people managed to capture the beautiful moment when the whales blow a rainbow in the air

The amazing trick is performed by the humpback pair numerous times.

This is a stunning moment when a pair of whales approach a group of tourists, “letting a rainbow” into the air.

Back at the beach after a day of diving in Lahaina, Hawaii, this group of tourists is sure to have a real treat.

Some curious humpback whales swim alongside their boat to greet them.

As if being just inches away from these wonderful creatures wasn’t enough, giant mammals emerge from the surface of the water, spraying the air from their waves, creating an incredible rainbow above their heads.

The amazing trick is performed many times by a pair of humpbacked animals of different colors: red, orange, yellow and green, suspended in the air by the water mist created by the whales, much to the amazement of these tourists.

Greg Gallant from New York, USA said:

At first the whales were 300 feet apart, but gradually they got closer and closer until they were in close proximity to the ship.

“I was able to truly appreciate the size and magnificence of these magnificent creatures”. They were completely amazed and didn’t think it could be better, so they started shooting rainbows into the air.

“We couldn’t believe our eyes. This is the most breathtaking and mesmerizing thing I’ve ever seen”.

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