A truly incredible story: this wonderful caring cat bit his owner to warn of a fire

Thanks to their fluffy kitten, a family was able to leave their burning home.

The family’s cat spotted the fire around 3:30 am Thursday. As the Edmonton Journal reports, the parents and two children were asleep when the cat climbed into their bedroom with its paw and bit the mother’s hand as a warning.

The Grande Prairie County Fire Department in Alberta, Canada, confirmed that the cat contributed to the success of the rescue effort.

“Early this morning, a cat alerted the family to a fire in their home,” Grand Prairie County Fire Chief Trevor Grant said in a press release. “The family left the house safe and sound”.

Firefighters also rescued a second cat from the fire.

Freelance photographer William Vavrek arrived shortly after firefighters began putting out the fire.

“There was smoke coming out of the trailer when I arrived,” Vavrek told CBS News.

Vavrek photographed firefighters from Claremont, Dune and Sexsmith stations as they fought to contain the fire at the bottom of the mobile home.

He stood in front of the house and photographed one of the house cats, which the firefighter carefully led down the porch.

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