A true hero: this loyal dog managed to save her master’s life from a mountain lion attack

This brave dog fought off an attacking mountain lion and saved her owner’s life.

Dogs are loyal and caring pets. They have great intuition and will always help when their owners are in trouble, even if it means putting themselves in danger.

Like a brave dog who fought off an attacking mountain lion and saved the life of his master.

Erin Wilson of Trinity County, California is the proud owner of Eva, a 2.5 year old Belgian Malinois. The two recently walked along the river, but a pleasant day quickly turned into a life-threatening ordeal.

According to the Sacramento Bee, a mountain lion pounced on Erin, snarling and scratching at her jacket. Erin asked Eve for help because she had no one else and her faithful dog came to her rescue.

Eva bravely confronted the mountain lion, “hitting that cat really hard” and knocking the big cat away from Erin, according to Erin. However, the dog was defeated, and the mountain lion “clung to its skull”, causing her great suffering.

Erin quickly returned the favor, fighting off the giant cat with sticks and stones and calling for help from a passing car, which stopped the fight by peppering the wild animal.

Although the mountain lion eventually released Eva, she was left with serious head wounds.

Erin told the Sacramento Bee. “She had several stab wounds on her face”. “And blood was dripping from her mouth”.

Eva was rushed to the hospital, and although everything seemed to be on the verge of failure, the brave puppy survived.

Erin created GoFundMe to help pay for Eve’s medical bills, and she reports that her hero is on the mend and the vets are “optimistic”.

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