A true dog lover: this woman takes care of 8 Newfoundlanders with love and care every day

The woman decided to be the mistress of 8 of these giant dogs.

Emma Bone’s passion for the Newfoundland has led her to become a breeder and owner of 8 of these giant dogs. Caring for so many dogs weighing tens of kilograms is not easy, but this mother copes with the situation perfectly.

Caring for one Newfoundland is not an easy task. Adult dogs of this breed weigh about 60 kilograms. Keeping their double, long and thick coat requires a lot of patience and energy, as well as their education. Not forgetting the nutritional component.

Her husband Mark and their three children have also learned to love their newcomers. The family also has 2 more dogs, but of a different breed, in this case a Chow Chow, as well as 2 Sphynx cats. Suffice it to say that the couple has no time to be bored.

Meanwhile, Emma Bone runs a Newfoundland kennel and pet care salon. At least we can say that she fully lives her passion for this breed and her dogs.

It all started when she saw 2 of these giant dogs outside the gates of the house. They reminded him of ”giant teddy bears”. Since then, she has become very interested in the breed and has done extensive research, learning in particular that these animals are very good with children.

It didn’t take long for her to be encouraged to take the plunge and adopt her first Newfoundland, Dexter, when her eldest son was 2 years old. Dexter came from a farm that didn’t seem to care much about the welfare of the dogs.

She, in turn, became a breeder almost 5 years ago. From one to four litters a year, she prioritizes the health and quality of life of her puppies. She also makes sure that their new families have the right personality to ensure they have a happy and fulfilling existence. Her dogs are tested for various hereditary diseases common in Newfoundland, including joint distemper.

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