A touching story: this woman tells about a poor and lonely dog that used to walk around her yard every day

 A touching story: this woman tells about a poor and lonely dog that used to walk around her yard every day

This woman immediately agreed to become the abandoned dog’s new mom.

Nothing seemed to predispose Elba and her husband to take a puppy, but the young woman literally fell in love with the one who appeared in front of her house, wagging his tail.

After futile attempts to return it to its owners, she had to make a decision about herself.

Elba and her husband had a cat named Ashnan and had no intention of getting a dog.

One morning in 2018, the couple discussed Autumn as she left the house, which Elba considered dangerous.

At that moment, a puppy came out from the other side of the street and looked at them with reverence.

Her husband, on the other hand, was initially against the idea of ​​leaving him. He agreed to feed him, but only outside the house.

Elba had to leave because a job was waiting for him. After 2 hours, she called her husband to ask if the little dog was still around. He didn’t come out from under the porch.

The young woman hurried home and started printing posters, hoping that the puppy’s family would recognize her and come to pick her up.

She then took him to the vet; they found that the dog had an identification chip.

His name was Hope, he was 10 weeks old and adopted two weeks ago.

He was previously rescued from illegal breeding with his mother and the rest of the litter before being placed in a shelter. So the vet called his adoptive parent, but against all odds, he hung up.

The specialist explained to Elba that she could either return Hope back to the shelter or leave him at home for 10 days if the adoptive parent changes their mind.

The young woman decided to take him home. As the days passed, his attachment to the dog grew stronger. She was sad to see him leave.

After 10 days, the veterinarian called her back and said that the owner, Hope, had not arrived. Therefore, Elba could adopt him. Hearing this, she jumped for joy and immediately agreed to become his new mother. Since then, they have not parted with each other.