A touching story: this fisherman thought his beloved dog was lost at sea, but everything turned out well

The fisherman’s pet dog became stuck in the boat, and he thought he’d lost him.

It will be a touching scene of the reunion of the old fisherman with his captain Jack Russell. After his boat capsized, the man miraculously survived, but his pet dog got stuck inside and he thought he was gone forever.

However, volunteers managed to free the dog and return it to its owner. An emotional reunion caught on camera.

Alphonse Attard, 75, is an experienced fisherman from Altonam, Australia, a suburb of Melbourne.

The man and his best friend, 17-year-old Jack, are closely connected, so Attard takes his faithful companion with him, even when he goes out to sea for fishing. This time was no different.

Water rushed into their boat and it sank in seconds, leaving the two to fight for their lives.

Trevor Borg and his father Lori, who were fishing nearby at the time, spotted Attar and came to his rescue. It didn’t take long for father and son to drag the elderly fisherman into their boat and onto the shore.

Now Attard was safe, but he realized that he would lose his beloved puppy forever, so he called for help. Volunteers returned to the overturned boat to find little Jack.

But it wasn’t until they managed to get the boat out of the water that they discovered the dog. Jack somehow managed to survive inside the ship.

Attard couldn’t stop crying when he learned that his companion was still alive. However, there were tears of excitement and joy.

“He made me cry”, the fisherman told the Herald Sun. “I had her for 18 years and I thought I was done with him”.

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