A touching story: this caring couple turned their home into a dog sanctuary so they can live in peace

This couple decided to come to the aid of senior dogs in need.

Of course, there is nothing more useful than helping an elderly dog ​​live his last days in peace. Karen and Jamie got it right. A married couple from Queensland, Australia welcomes many older dogs into their apartment.

It all started when Karen and Jamie adopted Sally, a 15-year-old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier, to save her from death in a shelter. The animal lived peacefully with the owners for almost a year and a half.

Based on this experience, they decided to reach out to other older dogs in need. “We knew that this was our calling. This is what we had to do, this was our goal,” the couple said.

Karen and Jamie have turned their property into a shelter for senior dogs.

Together with the couple, about 50 elderly dogs found shelter.

Karen explained that dogs that are no longer in their prime are often harder to adopt. For many potential adopters, youth is preferable to old age…

Today, she and her husband have become a benchmark for shelters.

“Older dogs are amazing. You keep them fit and healthy and they thrive. They are getting younger again,” said the animal lover.

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