A sweet beautiful scene: the deer did not want to leave the man who saved her life

 A sweet beautiful scene: the deer did not want to leave the man who saved her life

Animals have more a feeling of gratitude than we think.

Baby deer thinks that the person who saved her life is his father!

A lover of active rest, Darius Sasnauskas from Lithuania, became a witness to the birth of two deer in his backyard near the Yellowstone National Park in the United States.

Unfortunately, one of them was injured, and her family threw her because she could not keep up with them. Obviously, she has no chance to survive on her own, so he decides to return her home.

The newborn deer restored its health, so it’s time to free it. However, she continued to return to Darius, because their relationship was very strong.

They treated the deer carefully, and her health was restored: every four hours Darius gave her food, and his dog learned the deer face several times.

Darius said he does not support the maintenance of wild animals as pets.

But it was a special situation. With so many predators around her, she had no chance to survive alone. She is already used to me, and she is following me … But no one can replace her real mother.

Many times, Darius tried to let her go back into the wild, but she always returned to him.

After some time, the mother returned, and the deer reunited with her family and returned to the wild life. A few months later, Darius again saw a deer, this time a rapidly developing and living full life.

Thank you so much for saving this deer and repaired his leg, fed him and loved him until he was put on so that he would be released back to his mother.

Angel! Save God for her salvation!

Animals could teach people something about human kindness and partnership for life …!

See the amazing loving and caring story warming the heart in the video below: