A story with a wonderful ending: this lonely abandoned dog was saved by kind and caring people

The kindness and attentiveness of the volunteers did their job.

Judy was eight years old, blind, and just threw herself into a trash can. The dog lay trembling with fear and hunger until he was found by kind and compassionate people.

The dog was called to a specialized service for saving street animals, and volunteers immediately began to help him.

Judy wasn’t just blind. He was diagnosed with a rare disease in which the eyeballs protruded from the sockets and caused severe pain to the animal. It was possible to solve the problem only by a radical method, the complete removal of diseased eyes.

The animal did well and recovered quickly. Judy quickly learned to live in the dark and quickly returned to normal canine behavior. Although at first the stress of losing her sight and changing her lifestyle made her afraid of people.

The kindness and attentiveness of the volunteers did their job. Now Judy is no longer afraid of people and is learning to trust others again.

Judy’s search for new owners was a special moment. The dog needs special attention, love and unlimited care from people. This is the family chosen for Judy. Carol and Andrew Stoneley fell in love with the dog at first sight and nothing could stop them.

The couple recently lost their pet, which had lived with them for 14 years and felt the need to take care of this new animal. They immediately took Judy from the shelter to a new home.

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