A story with a wonderful ending: this lonely abandoned dog finally found a kind and caring home at the fire station

This sweet pit bull dog found a new home in a New York City fire station.

Many animals are abandoned by their owners. This is the tragic story of Ashley, a sweet pit bull dog who finds a new home in the New York City Fire Department.

Erica Mahnken, co-founder of No More Pain Rescue, and her fiancé Michael Favor received a call to alert them to the situation. The dog was left on the property by his family.

They arrived at the site and found that there was no electricity or heat, which meant that the young dog was doomed. Ashley’s family was devastated when snow fell on the city.

Erica and her boyfriend wanted to get Ashley to a warm place as soon as possible, and they knew someone at the New York Fire Department’s Fort Pitt Station.

Erica called the fire department and asked if they could hold Ashley while they found a suitable place for her, and they agreed.

When they arrived at the apartment to rescue the puppy, they couldn’t take their eyes off it.

According to Erica, Dodo.

“I got a call that the couple lives in an abandoned house. They had no heat, no electricity, and they had a dog, so I think they went looking for a warm place to sleep and left the dog.”

When she arrived, the woman was waiting in her car while her boyfriend went to the house to look for Ashley, the place was a mess.

Erica noticed.

“As soon as they called us, we hurried to pick up the phone. There was no electricity in the house and it was rather cold.”

“He was hungry and thirsty. The house was a mess. The windows were broken, excrement was scattered around”.

Ashley was fortunately still alive and well when Favor arrived.

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