A story with a happy ending: this dog walks 155 miles, takes part in the festival, and as a result he has an owner

This man had no idea that he would meet his newest companion during marathon.

They say you can’t choose a dog as your friend. But there is no better proof than this touching story.

Dion Leonard, an exceptional distance runner from Scotland, took part in the Gobi March a few years ago, a 155-mile marathon across China’s largest desert.

Dion, who has a competitive nature, sought to overcome a difficult marathon. However, he did not suspect that he was about to meet a new companion in his life.

It was the opening day of the six-day duathlon, and after the first 22 miles, Dion saw that a strange competitor had decided to enter the race and win his heart once and for all. However, at some point, the four-legged runner disappeared from Dion’s field of vision. However, they soon saw each other again.

Dion was so focused on the race that he didn’t pay attention to the dog. Only the next day it turned out that he, too, had been there from the beginning.

“On the second day, I was at the start of the race and he was next to me looking at me,” Dion told The Dodo.

Returning to the camp, the dog did not leave his beloved runner. It was then that Dion realized that he would always be a part of the baby’s life.

The boy was adopted by an athlete who now calls him Gobi and takes him anywhere.

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