A story with a beautiful ending: rescuers managed to help a dog that was 5 meters underground

A dog trapped 5 meters underground was rescued by after 6 long hours of effort.

A dog stuck 5 meters deep in Belgium was rescued by pruning shears and firefighters after 6 long hours of work. The animal is healthy.

The dog, buried several meters underground, found the surface and its owner thanks to the combined intervention of firefighters and a pruner. On Monday, December 13, L’Avenir.net reported on the rescue operation.

On Sunday, the owner of the dog in question, a Dutch hunter, lost sight of it around 2:00 pm.

He managed to determine his location using the GPS collar worn by the Jack Russell Terrier, but the device told him that the four-legged friend was 5 meters underground.

The man unsuccessfully tried to save the animal by digging in the ground with his bare hands, but eventually ran into evidence. it was impossible to get to the dog without earth-moving equipment.

The firefighters he called during this time could also do little, since they did not have the necessary tools for such an operation.

The rescue was made possible thanks to the secateurs and his excavator

They stayed behind to accompany local businessman Damien Binet, who arrived that evening with his 13-ton excavator.

With the help of a toy car, rescuers managed to get as close as possible to the location of the dog.

The firefighters then dug in with a shovel so as not to harm the dog, whose barking they heard.

The dog finally got out into the fresh air and was immediately returned to the owner. He was alive and well, despite the misfortune he had just experienced.

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