A small dog was able to help the girl so that she was not afraid to visit a doctor

This girl was terrified of going to the doctor until one day she went with her dog.

When Wayne the dachshund joined the Cooley family, he literally changed Mary’s life. The autistic little girl quickly formed a special bond with the 4-legged newbie. The duet became inseparable.

The hairball helped the child cope with his fear of new situations.

The dog helps the child overcome obstacles

One of Mary’s biggest problems is going to the doctor.

Fernweh was distressed to see her daughter so depressed. So one day he asked the health worker if Vinnie could accompany him to a consultation.

In the presence of her dachshund, Mary “talked to the staff, told them what was bothering her, talked to them and even smiled,” Fernweh said.

The dog helped her overcome her anxiety.

When her parents welcomed the dachshund, they had no idea what an important place she would take in their child’s life. Winnie and Mary will forever be best friends.

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