A really cute scene: a beautiful friendship was formed between this rescue dog and the turtle

The tortoise was more than happy to have a friend like a dog to hang out with.

Rocket Larry is an African furrowed turtle who entered the lives of his people in 2009. Puka, on the other hand, was rescued by a family friend who found him sitting next to a homeless man with a small bow tie.

The man was unable to properly care for Puka and their friend offered to take him home, and ended up with a new family and a new turtle brother.

Despite Puka’s cleft palate, which unfortunately costs many puppies their lives due to their inability to eat themselves, this dog has grown into a healthy large dog who loves to spend time with his brother Larry.

They have been together since they started living together. Rocket Larry was never afraid of Puka and was more than happy to have a friend to keep company with. Meeting in Paradise.

They are so close that sometimes they even hug.

Puka often checks on Larry and when the turtle hides in a hard to reach place so his parents can’t find him, all they do is tell Puka to “find Larry” and he soon finds his best friend and brother. .

Take a look at their photos below so you can be as amazed as we are.

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