A couple told they have discovered the cat on the street, but employees revealed a sad story

A poor animal with a sad story, but a bright future 

A couple came to the animal rescue with a cat, that they told they had discovered on the street. The staff told: “Right now we don’t have any free places, but we will give you the address of our colleges, that will accept the cat.” It seemed to be a usual occurrence.

But what followed it amazed everyone.


The shelter’s director Sidney Mollentine gave the couple a cage to take the cat, they accepted it and left.


Then the couple went outside, placed the cat’s cage on the ground and left. The shelter staff was amazed by what they saw on the cameras. They could only bring the poor kitten inside.

Then they found out a microchip, that revealed the truth. It was cleared, that the couple, that “found” the cat were its owners.

So the couple decided to discard their own cat and they even didn’t want to take him to the second shelter, showing how indifferent they were.

Cindy expressed her sadness and solace about the situation. But it wasn’t the first time she has seem something like this in her practice. But it is hard to become used to human indifference and the sufferings of the poor creatures.


Cindy considers she can place the cat in amazing care. Even having such a sad past, he is amazing, striped and very friendly and they will find good people, that would like to adopt him.

We hope the poor cat will soon forget about his former owners and enter into a new happy life!


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