A Piece Of Wood That Educates You More Than Some Books. Have this wooden world on your wall

If you want to learn, you will find ways to do so even from decorations for your wall

If you are fond of travelling and nature you can combine them and have a magnificent wooden decoration concerning the world. Maps are both awesome decorations and educative items that grab our attention.  Now you can have the world under your hand just having wooden map on your wall.

The carved maps have 3D effect. They are made of 4 species of trees.

world map wall decor

These maps have different sizes starting from S to XXL.

wooden map colorsworld map wall decor detailsflag push pinsworld map wall decor installation

They have 3 versions of the map: blank, which doesn’t have engravings mentioning the borders and the names of the countries, basic with everything mentioned above, and Prime, which has the continent of antarctica on it, but the previous 2 types don’t.

world map wall decor typeswooden 3d map basic typeworld map wall decor large

You receive the wooden map with separate parts. So you need to collect them right. But don’t worry as the parts have their certain numbers that will help you organise everything correctly.

wooden 3d map basic multicolorwooden 3d map

With the map you will receive pins to mention the countries you visited and other interesting details.

push pin options

plane push pinswooden 3d map multicolor

The customers are satisfied with quality of the map

world map wall decor prime type

Do you like maps?

Would you like this wooden map-game?

Source: Etsy

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