«A little fat, but handsome son of Schwarzenegger»: he suffered from excess weight and became unrecognizable

The youngest son of Schwarzenegger didn’t resort to complex diets.

Christopher, the youngest son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who suffered from excess weight since childhood, lost weight and changed beyond recognition.

The guy lost more than a dozen kilograms.

On September 27, Christophe will turn 25 years old.

The other day, the Schwarzenegger family was a holiday-the eldest son Patrick celebrated his birthday.

It was during the celebration that they noticed a weighty Christopher.

The guy demonstrated his toned physique in a gray shirt, blue joggers and sneakers.

The father of the family was also present at the celebration.

Arnold was dressed in a shirt with a tropical print and a bright blue blazer paired with cream trousers.

His ex-wife wears midi dress and sneakers.

As you know, Christopher began the struggle with an overweight two years ago.

«He set himself the goal of being healthy for the graduation ball and went to her all the time.

He began to train carefully and choose food.

Chris was absent at school for several years and lived as an ordinary student.

Now he has grown up and is ready to take care of himself better», the media wrote.

It is also known that the youngest son of Schwarzenegger did not resort to extreme and complex diets.

Father and Patrick strongly supported Christopher and rejoiced at his successes, albeit insignificant.

Is he handsome for you?

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