A kind and caring woman gave a wonderful chance of life to 2 one-eyed dogs

In Belgium, 2 one-eyed dogs were given a new life, much happier than the first.

The previous owners of Roxy and Toulouse no longer wanted these dogs because they were born without one eye. The duo risked euthanasia, but one family decided otherwise by adopting them.

Two identical dogs in Belgium got a new life, much happier than the first, thanks to the family that adopted them. This is reported by the British edition of Metro.

The quadrupeds repeat the names of Roxy and Toulouse. These are West Highland White Terriers, they look like twins, they are so similar.

Due to a bacterial infection during their mother’s pregnancy, they were both born without a functioning left eye. Their owners at the time, who considered them ‘imperfect” and “unsaleable”, decided to part with them.

This is where the family of 19-year-old Fanny Sannier appeared. Falling under the spell of two dogs, she decided to adopt them.

Since then, they have lived happy lives and spent their days running and playing, especially with their friends Nougat, a Border Collie, and Caramel the cat.

The Sanniers paid for surgery to remove his left eyeball. The procedure went well, the dog’s horns recovered very well.

For the latter, making Roxy and Toulouse new members of the family was a natural choice given the sad fate they were promised.

The girl adds that it is “their uniqueness that makes them love themselves even more”.

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