A kind and caring man shares an umbrella with stray dogs during heavy rain in India

Some people are lonely animals with open hearts.

Most street dogs don’t have a place, or a roof, where they can lay their heads.  So, they must live in any weather.  They freeze, heat up, and remain in the rain and snow, storm, and lightning.

However, some people treat these animals with an open heart.  Like this story in which a police officer shared an umbrella with the homeless on a rainy day in Kolkata, India.

Recently, a photo of a police officer protecting two dogs from heavy rain went viral.  This moment was captured by photographer Sayan Chakraborty.  This was reported on the official page of the Calcutta Police on Facebook.  The photo got 10,000 reposts.

After the story gained publicity, fan art was even dedicated to it.

The officer was on duty when two stray puppies approached him seeking shelter.  The instant cover somehow protected the puppies from the rain.

As for the homeless, 35-40 million dogs live on the streets of India.

As it turned out, in September of this year, Calcutta had the largest amount of precipitation in the last 14 years.

We hope you enjoyed this attractive and cute photo.  I wish that one day we will not be amazed by the good deeds of people.

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