A Japanese magician who harnessed gravity. Gorgeous coin sculptures!

Gorgeous coin sculptures…

On social media, he goes by the name Tanu, but nobody really understands who he is or what he does. Although the latter is questionable, laying out such a finely balanced design from regular coins takes a long time. The Lemurov.net staff knows a lot of people who really care about their pastime, but this one, at the very least, deserves to be named the month’s most amazing sculptor.

It’s simple to lay out money with a tower without using any fasteners. It was just a lengthy one – one mistake, one bad play, and everything came crashing down. Tanu, on the other hand, is noted for his superb use of architecture, or rather architecture, in his pieces. It would be great if it could be made on a 3d printing in this day and age of advanced tech. Hand-folded, on the other hand?

Tanu says in the comments that simple mortals will not be able to reproduce this. He established his own way of breathing and movement, similar to the experts who work with figurines at the ”rice grain” level. Gravity could be a friend or a foe, depending on whether an unintentional sigh or quivering of a hand brings a magnificent idea crashing down.

Source: Lemurov

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