A great bond: this blind dog spent every moment with his best friend cat and they left the shelter together

It was in the shelter that a dog named Spike and his cat friend Max met.

Cats and dogs are hard to get along with. All this is due to the fact that they express their feelings in different ways. But sometimes there are exceptions.

It all happened at the Grace Animal Rescue Society in Alberta, Canada. It was there that a dog named Spike and his friend Max met.

Spike was about eight years old, but it’s hard to guess how old the cat is.

It is impossible to understand why they became friends. Apparently, they were brought together by a common misfortune.

A cat and a dog were taken away from the irresponsible owner, the man kept the pets in a covered outdoor enclosure, completely unsuitable for a cat and a century-old short-haired dog.

Only when the worried Canadians began to take the dog and the cat away did it become clear that the dog had not seen anything at all. Spike and Max literally did not leave each other even during the walk. Max took on the unique role of a guide cat.

The shelter staff immediately realized that it was impossible to separate this unusual duet. They started putting out a lot of stuff about Max and Spike.

The exciting story was able to quickly spread on the network, so they became interested in it.

As a result, the couple left for a new mistress in the province of Manitoba. Now the staff of the Animal Rescue Society is fully confident that Max and Spike live a happy old age together.

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