A funny scene: this photogenic little seal waves for the camera and attracts everyone’s attention

A cute moment captured on camera by wildlife photographer and went viral.

Wildlife is always fascinating and never ceases to amaze us. And, thanks to wildlife photographers, we can all appreciate all the unusual, mysterious or beautiful scenes of mature nature.

The beautiful moment, captured on camera by wildlife photographer Johan Sigeson, recently went viral on social media.

Thanks to his calm demeanor in front of the cameras, this time the seal manages to outshine everyone.

A lucky photographer spotted a baby seal enjoying the sun while walking along Horse Beach in Norfolk, England and decided to take some photos with the adorable creature.

Sigeson is startled by this creature waving at the camera.

People’s hearts were stolen after he posted adorable photos on social media. And it’s not hard to see why.

According to North Norfolk, approximately 35 percent of the world’s gray seal population lives on Norfolk beaches, and “about 3,000 pups are born each year”.

Despite their cuteness, wildlife experts warn against approaching baby seals because their mothers can be very dangerous.

Puppies, on the other hand, do not have waterproof coats and should not be driven into water.

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