A Father Presented His Son A Train. The Process And The Story Of This Train Is Heart Melting

Sometimes very simple things are needed to bring happiness to your surroundings. Just take wood, watch videos and create.

Having a child is a gift from the God. You buy and make everything babies need to make their life convenient and calm. Though everything for the babies needs are available at the stores, some caring parents prefer to make several things themselves.

Raymond Green made a wooden bedstead for his son. He managed to do so by watching certain plans in a very famous woodworking website, where you can find simple tutorials for every level of woodworking skills. The materials he used are available at shops.

raymond green wooden train crib made from reclaimed wood

Green used wood for making the crib, which he created with the help of his neighbor. The process took 9 days from them.

train crib set at the workshop of raymond green

Green was satisfied with his work and continued adding details to the crib. In the end he got a bedstead with the form of train.

chest of drawers with changing station modeled after a coal cart attached to the train crib

The added parts serve as storage for child’s clothes and toys.

storage at the front of the wooden train crib

Not only the appearance but also the safety of the crib is important. Green put his efforts to do everything to create comfort and safety for his kid.

The work of this caring father has become a good example for other parents.

Have you ever made something as a gift to a child?

Source: thewoodplans.com

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