A cute wolf hybrid and a lovely German Shepherd puppy are such adorable playmates

The bond between a wolf hybrid and a German Shepherd puppy is special.

The language of dogs is so simple!  In most cases, family dogs become best friends.  Doing nothing but watching their adorable games and fights is all you need to be happy for a few minutes.

The bond between a wolf hybrid and a German Shepherd puppy is special!

Smokey is a 127-pound giant wolf hybrid, and Charlie is a tiny 10-month-old pup who loves to have a good time with his over 100-pound big friend.

You might think it’s not safe for a puppy to play with a big wolf hybrid, but you’re wrong.  These are best friends!

Charlie is a very brave puppy, and Smokey, in turn, is gentle with a small dog.

They can play non-stop with each other until Charlie’s water breaks.  After that, they get back together, playing as much as they can.

Smokey always lay on his back, allowing Charlie to climb on top of him and cuddle.  They also fondle each other tenderly during dog fights.

The hybrid wolf is happy to meet his tiny friend.  He wiggles his tail with joy and tells his owners how happy life is with a playful puppy!

Aren’t Smokey and Charlie the cutest buddies?  We wish them many more years to come!

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