A cute, lovely cheetah tried to help his mom to hunt and drive away jackals

He rushed to the aid of his mother in order to scare away the jackals.

A family of cheetah lives in the Serengeti Park: a mother named Aisha and several of her babies.  Their life is an excellent illustration of the relationship of various representatives of the fauna in the world of wildlife, and the BBC operators shoot a whole series about these animals.

Recently, a young cheetah, Duma, was shown to scare away prey while learning to hunt.  However, any lesson is good for him: next time he is unlikely to make such a mistake.

Apparently, Duma is the most active kitten among Aisha’s current cubs, and he is constantly at the center of events.  In the new video, it was he who rushed to the aid of his mother in order to scare the jackals from fresh prey.

Aisha got an antelope and brought it to her cubs.  At the smell of fresh blood, the jackals began to pull themselves up, and the female interrupted her meal to scare away the thieves.

The rest of the kittens continued to enjoy the food, and only Duma, with all his childish clumsiness, began to copy the mother’s behavior.

While he pursued his enemies, his sisters calmly satiated their hunger.  However, in the end, the little defender was not left without a well-deserved piece of meat.  The ability of cheetahs to protect their prey is an important skill.

Most often, sprinters, exhausted after an energetic pursuit, are too tired and unable to repulse enemies looking for someone else’s prey.

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